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Trump: 'Surprise Ballot Dumps' Behind Lead Changes...

•, Tyler Durden

Mark Levin is enraged by what is occurring right in front of our eyes...

1. I thought about waiting until my radio show to state this, but it must be said now:

All night and this morning, the media are playing with the electoral map and their declarations of who won what states, and in virtually every case it assists the Biden campaign.

2. North Carolina, Georgia, Alaska should all be called now for President Trump.  There was no legitimate reason to call Arizona early for Biden with so much of the vote out.  There was no reason to sit on Florida and Ohio for hours when those outcomes were quite clear.

3. The purpose is to make it appear that the President is not close to the 270 electoral vote number to win the presidency and to make it appear that the President was never going to be re-elected.

They gave Trump voters sharpies and now their votes are being invalidated! WTF!

— Midnight Rider???????? Chump for Trump! (@m1dn7ghtrider) November 4, 2020