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BMW Creates Electrified Wingsuit To Extend Range Of Flight

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If Alanis Morissette were into EVs, she would probably ask us to write this article as part 2 of one of her hits. What BMW developed is the definition of "ironic" when it concerns electrification. While people still say range anxiety hinders EV adoption, the German company developed an electric device that actually increases range. BMW decided to call it the "Electrified Wingsuit."

The company created this electric range extender with the help of Peter Salzmann, an Austrian skydiving instructor. He already had the idea of expanding the distances he could cover with the wingsuit and had the help of BMW i and Designworks – a BMW Group design subsidiary – to do that.

According to the release, the equipment is being developed for the last three years. Salzmann has been actively involved in the whole process. At first, the electric impellers were placed in his back and were much larger. He immediately felt that it would be too heavy and a limitation to his movements, which would be dangerous during skydiving.

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