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If Covid-19 Isn't Killing Americans, What Is? NOT COVID

• - Bill Sardi

If you believe people test COVID-19 positive and therefore are infected but have no symptoms, I have a bridge to sell you in New York very cheaply.  Yes, I too fell for this modern fairy tale in the early days of the pandemic.  After all, this "fact" was cited in the most prestigious medical journals.  Modern medicine foists off this falsehood and we're supposed to believe it, cancel sports, church, and family events, all over one symptomless person who tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus.  In fact, if COVID-19 infected patients aren't experiencing even a mild fever, they aren't developing antibodies against the disease.

And doctors say President Trump tested positive, was hospitalized for 3-days (it was a hotel room inside a hospital) and then showcased an antiviral drug (Remdesivir) for an American company (Trump should have been paid an endorsement fee); then Trump took off his mask and declared himself cured.   But hey, Trump is no medicine man who knows science.  He wouldn't know any better.  And neither would any of his narrow-minded doctors.  In modern medicine, everything is treated as if it is a drug deficiency.  Doctors are never going to cure COVID-19 as long as they have their nutritional deficiency blinders on.  

Testing is a "dead end"

But Mr. Trump did say: ""When you test, you create cases."  "If we stop testing right now, we'd have very few cases, if any."

The disease mongers and his political opponents jumped on the President for making that statement.  But Mr. Trump was not ill advised to say that.  It is true, because COVID-19 coronavirus is not killing people, the lockdown and news-media induced anxiety is.  Here's how.

First scrutinize a flawed test, the PCR (polymerase chain reaction test) that is known to start pseudo-epidemics, and realize:

-The PCR test can be 100% incorrect among the subjects that test positive (14% of patients tested for whooping cough tested positive via PCR test but 100% were incorrect).

-Some 12,000 people must be tested to find 1 positive PCR test for COVID-19; among the 12,000 there will be 15 who actually test positive, but 14 will be false positives.

-People who test positive for COVID-19 may have no symptoms and are likely to be PCR false positives. COVID-19 does not produce symptom-less disease.

-In one analysis, among 19 patients who tested positive for COVID-19, when immediately re-tested, all were negative for COVID-19.