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Rise of the sidewalk McMansions: LA's homeless get inventive and build their elaborate shacks...


Homeless encampments on sidewalks throughout Los Angeles are being dubbed 'McMansions' because some are now fitted with showers, grills and even ACs. 

Some of the homeless people living in tents scattered across the city have started using city fire hydrants to provide their living spaces with running water and showers. 

Others are also using city street lights so they can have electricity inside their tents.  

NBC Los Angeles obtained images of one tent near downtown LA that has a working shower, air conditioning, a grill with a range hood and even a doorbell. 

One tent that has been erected under an overpass in Hollywood stretches across the sidewalk and even has a 15-foot high slide. 

Others located near Venice have wading pools outside and even a tiki bar to serve drinks to homeless neighbors. 

Some of the encampments, which have been dubbed McMansions by local residents and business owners, have become so large they take over entire stretches of the sidewalk.

In some cases, the encampments spill out onto roadways. 

Nearby residents and business owners say the tents have been expanding in size even since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.