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Not The First Time A Vitamin Deficiency Was Confused For a Viral Epidemic

• - Bill Sardi

The report shows how a panic can be caused by news reports citing an increase in cases which spawn draconian lockdown measures.

Thereafter I received a response from a leading respiratory disease specialist on my email list who responded:

"You should visit our ICU and those across the country … patients are dying from this most awful disease. 

Others are trapped on ventilators from permanent lung damage.

MRI studies show that 50% of patients who have recovered have structural brain damage.  This disease is no joke." 

This caused me to dig deeper into answering the question: if COVID-19 is not more deadly than the flu (only 6% of COVID-19 deaths are from COVID-19 only) and out of 12,000 COVID-19 throat swab tests, only 15 are positive for the virus while 14 of these 15 positives turn out to be false positives on re-testing, what is causing all the deaths?

An answer to that question is my recent report entitled NOT COVID that identifies a fear-induced vitamin B1 shortage as the cause.

Not the first time a vitamin deficiency has been confused with a virus

This isn't the first-time beriberi (vitamin B1 deficiency) has been confused for an infectious disease outbreak.  A disease outbreak in 1897 was thought to be caused by an infectious agent (bacteria, virus, fungus) until it vanished when unpolished rice was substituted for vitamin B1-deficient polished rice.  [Dept. of Clinical Epidemiology, Leiden University Hospital, The Netherlands, 2012].

Beriberi produces symptoms of fever and infection that is confused with real microbe-induced infectious disease.  Beriberi may be misdiagnosed as a viral infection and accompanying pneumonia.

The account of Nobel-Prize winner (1928) Christiaan Eijkman is instructive.