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History Channel Admits Anthrax Attacks are an Inside Job

• The History Channel via YouTube
From the History Channel's show Conspiracies: Anthrax Attacks explaining how the weaponized strain could only come from the United States BioDefense Program.

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Comment by JohnMinn
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Amongst the objectives of the Anthrax scare was to make sure that any written communication between yourself and "your" "Senator" and/or "Representative" would be opened and examined before it ever crossed the desk of the intended recipient. If you want to rule over a nation (as in the type of Nero) then you must control all communication. Is that too "extremist" for you? Then might I suggest your read the Communist Field Manual where that is laid out. Despots learn from other despots. We would do well to study their modus operandi. Miscreants will use any and all means to obtain their objectives.

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