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Harrowing Video Of Elderly Mother Trapped In Nursing Home Trying To Understand A Window Visit

•, Truth Barrier and Liberal First

This video made me break down and cry a long overdue cry. Once I started I began to cry more and more, until I was on the floor, calling out to God. This can't be happening, is all I can think, when I can think. When the inhuman and insane rises to such levels the rational mind, unable to "make sense of it," finally becomes a white foam, and at long last, tears come.

We are not a barbaric society, or a barbaric people. They are. But who are they? How did they eliminate all of our human base level rights and customs so fast, and so unceremoniously? (In fact, it wasn't fast, but not everybody noticed all the ways they started by twists and turns to fleece us, with all their right-sounding insanities, over the decades and years; All in the name of modernity, progress, and monstrous constructs like "public health." )