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Illinois Senators Durbin and Duckworth Are Among The Book Burners Happy With Big Tech Censorship

•, Tyler Durden

That subversion is now reality in America and much of the world thanks primarily to censorship by big technology platforms and our unapologetically dishonest and biased national media.

Last week, the Judiciary Committee of the United States Senate held hearings on one of those causes, big tech censorship. If you are unaware of how pernicious and common that censorship has become, particularly by Twitter and Facebook, you are dangerously uninformed. Comedian Bill Maher, hardly a right-winger, said it right: The censorship is "evil" and "f—ed up."

This is not about Trump. He and censorship of him are now in mostly in the rear view mirror. Though censorship was blatantly targeted at him, it's the future that matters now,  — whether the marketplace of ideas can survive in a world where big tech's authoritarianism is broad and growing.