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Urban Survival vs. Rural Survival: A WARNING from Selco About Your Plans

• Natural News - Selco Begovich

I write almost always about urban survival because of a few simple reasons:

I survived SHTF in an urban environment, so I write about it from my own experience.

The majority of us actually live in urban settings, so there is a reason why we need to pay more attention to preparing for urban survival.

Most of us who live in urban settings have a plan (me too) to bug out to some kind of rural setting in order to have a better chance of survival. But the sad truth is that a lot of us will fail to bug out on time because of numerous reasons.

As a result, a number of us who have a good BOL in a rural setting will still end up surviving in an urban area.

Generally, I think it is much better to be out of the urban area when SHTF. But we don't always get what we want no matter how good our plan. That is why you must learn about not only rural or wilderness survival, but also urban survival. I talk about all of these in my book.

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Urban vs. Rural Survival

The whole dilemma of urban vs, rural has become pretty useless because people imagine that what they need in order to survive is to just run away from a populated area into woods and they will be perfectly fine.

While I do agree that bugging out from the populated areas is a good thought and a good start, it should not be the end of your planning. You may find out that after you run from the chaos in the city, you face a whole new range of problems (a lot of them very challenging) in wilderness settings.

It is not a simple decision and simple plan. Choosing between urban and rural (or the wilderness) should be based on careful planning and preparing. All that usually takes years.

Without planning, it actually makes more sense when the SHTF to bug-in and take your chances in the city.

What was it like in rural settings when the SHTF? 

As I've written many times, I spent my SHTF time in urban settings, but many of my friends and relatives were in rural settings and small villages instead of the urban centers.

How was it?