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Missing Boater Rescued 86 Miles From Shore Clinging To Capsized Boat : 'I thought that was it&#3

• - Judy Cole

Bee experienced engine trouble early in the trip. Figuring he'd be able to fix it himself, he didn't radio for help. He'd fallen asleep Sunday night after tinkering with the motor, only to be awakened by a gush of water flooding the cabin that pushed him up toward the bow and out through the front hatch as the stern sank.

That was sometime after midnight.

An experienced sailor, Bee knew he was in real trouble. Once the Sting Ray stabilized, he made several dives back inside to try to retrieve his personal locator beacon, to no avail. Unsure how much longer he'd be able to hang on, just after sunrise, Bee was preparing to make another attempt when he caught sight of a cargo freighter—aptly named the Angeles.

Using his shirt as a flag, Bee was able to get the watch crew's attention. After the Angeles' pulled as close as possible, a flotation device was dispatched to reel him in. The crew then used a ladder to haul Bee on board.