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Clinton Gang Insider Spills Sleazy Secrets, Savages Chelsea

• By Thomas Lifson

Doug Band, who began as a White House intern, moved on the become "body man" and then key aide, went on to mastermind the post-presidency enrichment of the Clintons and (not incidentally) himself. But around 5 years ago, there was a great falling-out, predictably mostly about money, and now he has unburdened himself from various sleazy secrets of the Clinton empire with a series of interviews that has resulted in long article in Vanity Fair authored by Gabriel Sherman.

I urge you to read the whole thing if you are interested in finally hearing some of the dirt that was such a huge part of the family of grifters that moved from Arkansas to the nation's capital. But if you are in a hurry, The UK Daily Mail and the New York Post select pieces of gossip to focus on, with Brit paper highlighting Bill's sabotage of Hillary's 2008 presidential campaign and Chelsea's suck-up to Ghislaine Maxwell to obtain access to yachts and cool homes, while the NYP focuses on Band's rivalry with Chelsea and his disparagement of her abilities and her trading in her name.