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Giuliani Quits -- Thank You Dr. Paul!

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What really happened to Giuliani was Ron Paul. The beginning of the end for Giuliani was his arrogant smack-down of Ron Paul in the first debate, twisting Paul's words into "We deserved 9/11." Despite mob-like cheering from the neo-co

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Comment by James Higginbotham
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yep i agree.
we brought the attack upon ourselves, noone wants to hear that, but if you check back generations we have been in these countries pushing them around ext..
but at the sametime we need to stay now until the job is done, if thats possible?
the two DEMOCRAOS running DONT'' have a clue, and neither do the Republicans running with the exception of RON PAUL.
he is the ADULT, the rest from both parties are the KIDS.
we also CANT'' afford to be the worlds policeman.
also its NOT CONSTITUTIONAL, and ONLY RON PAUL understands this.
and FORGET that MORON John McCain, im SO'' tired of hearing about him being a Hero.. he is NOTHING of the kind.and in reality he is a DEMOCRAP..
this nation is fixing to commit NATIONAL SUICIDE, if anyone other than Ron Paul is elected..
do the people of this Republic, REALLY want 4 or 8 years of ANOTHER CLINTON?? or an OBAMA??
or a John McCain??
man i PRAY NOT..