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Ron Paul's $20M donation haul tops GOP, he has high hopes in Maine

Lindelll told AP that hundreds of Paul supporters have been organizing around the state, and their efforts, such as organizing caucuses in towns where none had been planned, have not gone unnoticed....

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"RON PAUL IS BEST OF ALL," based on his
"18 Reasons why I will Vote For Ron Paul," based on his actual record of honesty, loyalty to Constitution, anti FED, Anti IRS, Pro bloodless- peace with Iraq, opposes Bush split of nation with North American Union, Opposes Law of the Sea, true medical doctor, Served a Flight Surgeon, saved 4,000 babies from abortion, returns excess pay to government, never takes trips at taxpayer expense, gets enthusiastic support from soldiers, NOT A MEMBER OF COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS OR TRILATERAL COMMISSION, has been often denied respect from "insider-manipulation" of conferences, - denying truth of his real answer to needs of citizens. A true beam of Texas "star light", needed for our troubled United States!
Joe Spenner