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Is the Radical Left Attempting to Push Joe Biden Out of the Way....


Black Lives Matter has put this notice out to its members:

On the night of the Biden/Harris victory, Black Lives Matter sent a letter requesting a meeting with our newly elected President and Vice-President. And on Tuesday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris met with several civil rights leaders and groups.

...But we weren't invited.


For the newly elected administration (that ran on promises of racial justice) to ignore our ongoing request to meet with them and refuse us a seat at the table is demeaning to our movement. It's demeaning to our hurt and trauma. It's demeaning to the countless times we took our protest to the streets to call for justice for our Black brothers and sisters taken from us at the hands of police.

This is also a blatant disregard of the millions of Black organizers and voters who handed Joe Biden and Kamala Harris their electoral victory.

We deserve a seat at the table.

Then this curious thing, a lefty news channel put on the air surreptitiously recorded comments by Joe Biden during a private virtual meeting. Biden sounded somewhat centrist (as far as the Democratic Party is concerned). It was not spun as a positive performance by Sleepy Joe.