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Progress Toward 250 Million Person Smart Megacity in 2035

•, by Brian Wang

They are accelerating integration of the YRD (Yangtze River Delta – Shanghai area) region, Greater Bay Area (Around Hong Kong and Guangdong), or Jing-Jin-Ji (Beijing-Tianjin) region, are seen as a solution to this problem.

To integrate the YRD region, on December 1, 2019, the State Council rolled out the Master Plan for Integrated Regional Development of Yangtze River Delta, aiming to achieve urban-rural integration within the region and integrated development of high-tech industries, infrastructure, the ecological environment, and public services by 2025. The integration project requires coordination among local governments, who are often engaged in a competitive relationship to showcase higher economic development. President Xi urged that local governments make efforts to break administrative barriers, enhance policy coordination, and enable the easier flow of production factors (smooth flow of land, labor, capital, technology, and data) within the YRD region.

They are integrating the identification systems. Each city in China has their own ID cards. There are now common ID cards for each region. They are fully integrating the tax and other government services.

They are building out the high speed rail, highways and other transportation services.

Under the 2019 plans, substantial progress will be made in boosting the integrated development of the delta region by 2025, including fostering a number of world-class industrial clusters and becoming a key national innovation hub. By 2035, the area would become the most influential and dynamic growth pole of the economy.