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Thinking About Libertarian Resistance During the Statist Deluge


The recall is gaining steam because of the severe lockdowns the mini-Mao has instituted in the state at the same time he was caught dining at a Michelin rated-restaurant while ignoring the demands he was putting on the citizens.

In the comments, regular commenter Brian Erickson responded this way:

This is a waste of time and energy. It plays into the identity politics that has driven most political activity since the beginning of time. Throw out that evil Newsom or Breed or Cuomo and things will get better. Well they never do get better. These stars of tyranny are easy targets but there isn't one politician that isn't a thief and a liar. And those lessor known politicians will end up taking the vacated office to continue the tyranny. Davis was recalled because of anger over power blackouts and rising costs. Well now California suffers rolling blackouts and sky high costs because the government bureaucracy never released its grip. The people changed the tyrant but had no effect on the system that enslaves them. The power needs to be re-taken by each citizen from the government/bureaucracy. Each individual should choose who they will take advice from, who they will buy power from and who they will interact with. Free entry and exit into any business by anyone who is willing to try and attract a customer base. Eliminate all taxes so the existing bureaucracies are required to operate voluntarily. If they fail, the service will migrate to the next best voluntary operator. Move away from the power motive which incentivizes each individual in coercive political organizations and move toward the profit motive which incentivizes each individual in voluntary private organizations. it is the only way to hold people accountable for their actions. A movement like that is worth fighting for but a recall effort isn't worth the time of day.

I emphatically disagree.