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IPFS News Link • Voting: Vote Fraud

Courts apparently intend to slow-walk election-fraud cases and their evidence...


Now, admittedly, the three justices appointed by Trump do not owe it to him, out of personal loyalty, to hold for him and his supporters if he is/they are WRONG on the facts, the law, or the Constitution. But to not even give the damaged plaintiffs – the VICTIMS of the fraud (including the vast majority of the American people) the chance to PRESENT THE EVIDENCE OF FRAUD before Jan. 14 – whereas the Congress is likely to OK the fraudulent Electoral College vote on Jan. 6 – means the Supreme Court (probably excepting heroic justices Thomas and Alito) have just stabbed Donald Trump (AND US) in the back, condemning us to an indefinite future of Democrat fraudulent-count "victories," no matter HOW the people actually vote . . . assuming we continue to bother with the now-laughable ritual of "voting," at all.