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Clownworld - Irish Anti-Lockdown Activist Jailed For Dropping The F-Bomb…


Key Points:

-Irish State Funded Media RTE lied about the defendant, proving his point about fake news

-RTE deliberately lied in its reporting on the case outcome – they said he was jailed for Mask offence on a bus, but sentence was actually for saying 'fuck' to police

-Socialist media & the left in general hate the defendant because they hate themselves and the economic nationalism he represents

-The sentencing Judge's professional background is co-incidental, but interesting in the wider context of the Irish Government's incessant Covid-19/China virus lies and subservience to China

On December 17th 2020, Irish anti-lockdown and anti-mandatory mask campaigner Andrew Heasman was sentenced to two months in prison in an Irish court. The sentence arose from an incident where he refused to wear a facemask on public transport, breaking public transport face-mask laws enacted by the criminal Irish Health Minister Stephen Donnelly and puppet Irish Prime Minister Micheal Martin.