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Vitamin D could have prevented 90% of coronavirus deaths

• Natural News - Ethan Huff

A much safer and more effective alternative remedy is to simply take vitamin D.

The latest scientific research shows that nine out of 10 "COVID-19 deaths" could have been prevented if only the victims had supplemented with vitamin D3 or gotten out in the sun more rather than listening to Anthony Fauci and panicking.

Vitamin D deficiency, it turns out, significantly increases a person's risk of dying with COVID-19, and most Americans are vitamin D deficient, sad to say.

The vitamin D prohormone helps to prevent the type of hyper-inflammation that comes about from a COVID-induced cytokine storm, the latest data shows. Vitamin D also helps to protect against the need for a ventilator, a high-risk Western medicine intervention that has been known to kill patients who are admitted to the hospital after testing positive for the novel virus.

"I think that's probably one of the smartest things that a person could do right now, with an unpredictable role of a relatively unknown illness," says Dr. Peter Osborne from Origins Nutrition Center in Sugar Land, Tex., about vitamin D supplementation.

"What we do know at this point about vitamin therapy, particularly about vitamin D, a new study has come out and a new analysis has come out on what we know about vitamin D and COVID."

Dr. Osborne recommends taking not just D but C, but zinc and quercetin too

Having to go on a ventilator is "not a good thing," Dr. Osborne warns. The outcomes "aren't great," and there really is no reason to use a ventilator at all when "we can keep their immune system supported really well with nutrition."

"That ideally makes the most sense," he contends about the use of vitamin D as a natural treatment.