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SICK: Consumerist Libertarians Pledge Fealty to Jeff Bezos for Seizing Power

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As Big Tech firms like Amazon take total control over the marketplace due to government restrictions, libertarian consumer drones are bowing to the "private" power of the corporate conglomerate founded by globalist Jeff Bezos.

Koch-funded scribbler Robby Soave, a senior editor for Reason Magazine, posted some groveling remarks in favor of the tech monolith:

The people have spoken: They love their tech platforms. They distrust their government. They want more cheap stuff, interconnectivity, and convenience. They want less pointless partisan bickering.

— Robby Soave (@robbysoave) December 31, 2020

Other kool aid drinkers rushed in to echo Soave's sentiments:

Amazon did more for our lives this year than the federal government has in ten.

— Trey Radel (@treyradel) December 31, 2020