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SpaceX Will Catch Super Heavy Booster With Launch Tower Arm

•, by Brian Wang

This will save the cost of legs and enable the booster to be ready for re-launch in under one hour.

The landing legs on the Falcon 9 weigh about 2000 kilograms. The Falcon Heavy landing legs are about 3000-4000 kilograms and Super Heavy Booster would need landing legs that weigh about 6000-8000 kilograms.

The Super Heavy Booster will be able to hover. This will make it easier for a precise docking style landing.

Accurate Super Heavy Descent profile?

— Erc X (@ErcXspace) December 30, 2020

You're truly playing Kerbal, The Real-World Edition, aren't you ???? Is this mostly to delete weight of legs from the design or any other reason? Will precision/stability of landing be the same or even better than with legs?

— Viv ???? (@flcnhvy) December 30, 2020