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Paul eyes pivotal role with Alaska win

Ron Paul's supporters are convinced he will carry Alaska. The candidate's unique take on gun owners' rights, his anti-tax message and call for limited government all resonate in the northwestern state

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Comment by Hawkeye
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I see that Paul did real well in Alaska.
It looks like one could add up all of Paul`s votes,in every state,and he would still be last.
I am going to vote for Ron Paul,but! I`m getting pretty tired of campaigning for him based on the information I get from the people "On the Ground" that are seeing things that do not exist.Who was it that saw Paul carrying Alaska?
How about Montana,How about NH,how about SC.We were told that Paul was doing well in those states...bull shit.Where are you people getting all of this information,out of one of those 'Black 8 Balls".This campaign has to get more aggressive,or I`m out of here.
Everyone is afraid to confront the Traitor McCain.Is their some kind of agreement,or what?
Is this whole thing a Plan to take over America.Their is too much stupid stuff going on.Things that don`t make any sense at all.Is America on it`s last stand as a country,as a people?
Maybe someone with enough love for America,to make a stand,will show up soon,like in a miracle,or something.
John McCain,you`ve got to be insane to vote for that Traitor.

Comment by Hawkeye
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I read somewhere that the YOUTH was going to save America.How is that going for you?
It looks like Americas YOUTH is on the boarder doing the drugs G Bush is providing for them.
It looks to me that the American Youth is all about WAR,judging from the "Super Tuesday Results".
America!! it`s over for you.You people don`t have the nerve to put a stop to all of the corruption in your own country,yet you spend trillions of worthless dollars trying to tell other people what to do.
Are you waiting for someone else to do it for you?Good luck,and Good Bye America....Home of the Brave,Land of the Free.....who are you kidding?It`s more like "Home of the Ignorant subjects".
You people don`t even have the nerve to confront J McCain about his POW Special Treatment.I have not heard one (1) person ask J Mc about his part in the deaths of American Pilots and POW`S.
Where are all of these "Viet Nam Vets Against McCain"
In their "Hooches"?Or with the YOUTH at the boarder puffing on the weed?
Maybe you Americans should go to another country and watch the American News....that way you can see just how stupid and pathetic you are.
Americas YOUTH is all about WAR.Everyone knows it,the world knows it,the truth is in the vote.

Comment by Fascist Nation
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Looks like Paul won Alaska.