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AirCrete School & Hands-on Training Workshops

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AirCrete School & Hands-on Training Workshops

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Make 2021 the year your life changed. Learn to Make & Build With AirCrete at the Best most complete School & Workshop Ever! Learn Foundation, AirCrete Safety Engineering, slip form Casting to save time and labor, Electric, Plumbing, Solar System Design, Compost Flush Toilets,  water recycling, Sizing Air-Conditioning for AirCrete, Installing Mini-Split HVAC and so much more.  

Get unstuck in your life and start living it on your time & terms by getting rid of the never ending rent or mortgage payments.  Retire to the country in an affordable manageable sized home. Rebuild your life in a beautiful new way.  Use that extra money & time to build the life you want.  Retire as soon as possible, make the big J O B optional, recover from life disaster (including divorce), buy nicer things, take that trip you always wanted to, live off grid, be free, be independent, learn new skills, meet amazing people, build a community, help people in other countries, and more.  By getting these skills you will be empowered to live life on your terms!