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In one week, France vaccinated barely 500 people. Why so many are saying 'non'

•, Monique El-Faizy

Just not in France.

This may be the land of Louis Pasteur, the scientist renowned for discovering the principles of vaccination. But it is also one of the most reluctant nations in the world to get the COVID-19 shot, leading to the lowest uptake so far of any developed country to start inoculating its citizens.

In the first six days after the vaccine was rolled out Dec. 27 across Europe in a coordinated European Union effort, just 516 people received shots in France — such a low number out of a population of 67 million that it is statistically indistinguishable from zero. By contrast, Germany vaccinated more than 200,000 of its residents in the first week and Italy more than 100,000.

For Monsuez, the decision to get the injection was an obvious one, both for his own safety and that of his family and patients.

"There is a duty. You see one sick person after another," he said, adding: "It didn't hurt. I felt the same before and after."

But many of his compatriots appear not to agree. In a poll conducted last month by Ipsos Global Advisor, in conjunction with the World Economic Forum, only 40% of French residents said they intended to get vaccinated.