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Geomagnetic Storm Expected To Strike Earth's Magnetic Field Today

•, by Tyler Durden

On Jan. 2, the Sun released a blast of energy that has taken at least four days to reach Earth. 

"The fact that it has taken at least four days to reach Earth marks the CME as a slow-mover; the longer it takes to arrive, the weaker its impact will be," said. 

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory filmed the eruption from the Sun. 

NASA's Space Weather Prediction Center shows the Planetary K-index, used to characterize the magnitude of geomagnetic storms, is already showing the Earth's magnetic field is being disrupted at the moment.

The Sun's highly-charged particles slamming into the Earth's atmosphere should produce auroras. 

For the most part, the solar storm appears to be weak. It may not have the intensity to disrupt satellite-based technology that powers GPS navigation, mobile phone signal, and satellite TV.