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$433 280Ah LiFePO4 Cells Tested: Cheaper than lead acid!

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Parts List (affiliate links):

EVE/Lishen 280Ah Cells:

Other 280Ah Suppliers that I did not test:

Daly 250A BMS:

Higher Quality BMS:

4000W PSW Giandel Inverter:

My new favorite 12/24V 75A battery charger:


Updates: These are new lishen 272Ah cells, not eve 280Ah. I used the barcode under the covers for verification. These cells were resleeved and had the same overpressure valve as the older eve cells, and same dimensions, and same capacity, so I figured they were Eve. But I was incorrect. Lishen are considered better than eve cells on the forum. And yes, lishun pull higher than rated capacity. 281Ah is not uncommon

The cells are now $433. I bought mine for $385 + shipping, and I used my receipt as a reference for this video.

The cells in the video have the same dimensions as eve cells, but the terminals do look different. The overpressure relief valve actually matches what is on the EVE cell data sheet:

And grade b usually just means scratched, but a lot of times they are used cells that are not matched (especially on aliexpress). And heavily degraded, mismatched IR. I usually assume the worst.

New update 1/9/2021: Gasification is a term used in some lithium ion literature, but gas generation is a more proper term. Sorry about that.