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'Message' candidate Ron Paul doesn't plan to drop out

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Ron Paul has been fighting for our rights and for a constitutional government for over 30 years, and this campaign has spread those ideas to an entire generation. We see no reason to not keep going. "If I dropped out, my supporters wouldn't

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Comment by John
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On another blog site, a writer screen name "So what did I miss" wrote that he thought Dr. Paul's continued campaign was "laughable" and I responded as follows (including a portion of SWDIM's post)

Responding to: So, what did I miss???

Besides that - I like Ron Paul too; however, to think that someone who currently has 16 out of the 1068 delagates awarded to date is going to somehow influence the majority of the delagates to vote for him is laughable.

It MAY be laughable to you, SWDIM, -- I'll guess that you might have made the same comment 6-8 months ago relative to John McCain when he was in debt and most of his campaign staff walked on him. He was still adamantly and agressively promoting his amnesty bill -- and the nation had forgotten how he trashed the First Amendment along with his Liberal Left Democratic partners. Anyone who might have said, "Just watch. Six months from now John McCain will the distant front runner after the super Tuesday primaries" -- to which ANY rational person would agree as being a LAUGHABLE concept! Well, here we are. And look who's laughing. As a professional prognosticator your appraisal of Ron Paul's situation gives ME all kinds of HOPE FOR AMERICA -- Paul has a LOT more going for him today than McPain had at HIS low point! .

The Republican National Convention is held on September 1st.-- that's almost SEVEN months away! WE have all that time to promote the cause of FREEDOM AND to educate the sheeple on how they have been duped by the MSM -- AS WELL AS those who disclaim "being" part of the MSM ... the Hannity's, Levine's, O'Reilly's, Limbaugh's and Savage's. I use the possessive plural because I include all the shallow thinker lemmings that constitute their audiences. I've heard every kind of negative personal statement AGAINST Ron Paul by these talking heads BUT NOT ONE of them challenges anything that Ron Paul has on his plank / agenda! Last week I heard Michael Savage say: "... except for that crackpot Ron Paul", in response to a caller. Savage's core mantra is "Borders, Language and Culture". Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who specifically and COMPLETELY defines how he would get those values back for America -- on just ONE Slim Jim card! The hypocrisy of these talk-show hosts in unbearable.

Well, gang, it appears that we ... the Revolutionaries, have just had our Valley Forge winter -- at least, from reading the 30 comments above this it appears that way. Some soldiers appear disheartened, some who have never been a coach now want to say "how it should be played". I would guess that the same kind of remarks I'm reading here might have been heard amongst George Washington's troops and those who backed them back in 1776.

Those of us who are in it -- committed to the Revolution to restore Freedom; will continue to give our present Leader ALL the support he so justly deserves. Right now he needs funding to retain his elected position as Congressman from his district in Texas. WE need him IN CONGRESS -- as a potential ... to add POTENCY TO his challenge for the Presidency. The American public WILL awaken and Ron Paul must be in the leadership position when the lemmings realize that they have been following the pie-eyd piper into an imminent North American Union with all their Social Security funds to be shared with 50 - 60 millions of aliens that the other candidates programs will surely bring here.

Get your $50 or $100 donation to Ron Paul NOW ... th let him KNOW that his troops are still in the fight for Freedom.