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Social Media Purge Backfiring? & the Real History of Fascism | Patrick Byrne | TECH | Rubin Report

• The Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Patrick Byrne (Entrepreneur & former Overstock CEO) about the social media purge, social media censorship, the false history of fascism, and what we can learn from China. Patrick details how he founded and the importance of freedom of speech. He shares how the social media ban affecting conservatives and the big tech banning Trump from virtually all social media platforms will only create a demand for more alternatives like Locals. He also shares why he thinks section 230 should be repealed. He also shares how Milton Friedman convinced him to become an advocate for school choice and why so many people have a poor knowledge of history. Patrick also explains the leftist roots of fascism and socialism, as well as what China does right that America could learn from.