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Democrats' Wall of Jericho is falling: Trump declasses Obamagate, promises further revelations

• by Jeanne McKinney

The documents reveal spying, conspiracy, plots, and efforts to overthrow President Trump. The long wait appears over for the American people soon able to see for themselves once classified information that supports the president and makes liars out of so many who denied it all. Democrats erected their own Wall of Jericho around their lies and criminality and it is beginning to tumble.

Just the News editor John Solomon reports on the show,

"The president has delivered a big way more than a foot-high stack of documents authorized by the FBI and Justice Dept. These are the things the FBI has tried to keep from the public for four years with "amazing big picture revelations."
One of the biggest reveals is Steele's debriefing with the FBI after he was fired for leaking. He admits he leaked "to help Hillary Clinton cover up her email problem" and to turn the attention to Donald Trump. Clinton paying to manufacture a dossier of deceit to escape prosecution for using a private server for State Department business, then destroying the evidence.

Not to mention other breaches of political power. There is also the web of treason that fans from the State Department to the FBI to people working with the FBI.