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Alex Jones terminates career of Millie Weaver; treats her exact same way as Brian D. Hill of USWGO;

• Justice for USWGO

by Laurie Azgard

Note 6:33AM on August 20, 2020: removed the Millie Weaver category from their website but her videos are still there but are probably a little more difficult to find now without her category on the main website. Video posted below.

Note 4:04AM on August 20, 2020: Alex Jones announces he will scrub Millie Weaver content from Anti-Censorship platform, contradicting himself; saying Bon Voyage Millie! – Justice for Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News

Alex Jones has fired news reporting contractor Millennial Millie aka Millie Weaver who did news reports for Infowars and also does her own news reporting which makes her competition to Alex Jones. Millie Weaver put out a tweet confirming that Alex Jones has turned his back on Millie Weaver over criminal charges stirred up from a domestic family dispute during the Covid-19 lockdowns and fear mongering by the mainstream media.