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Godzilla Vs. Kong trailer offers epic amounts of action as the monsters go head-to-head --

• by Sam Joseph

The trailer for the upcoming monster movie Godzilla Vs. Kong rocked the internet on Sunday.

The trailer starts off with a bang, showing debris launched onto buildings and citizens taking to underground tunnels for protection after a huge disaster. 

King Kong seems to be the solution, seen sedated while being transported on a military ship as star Alexander Skarsgard's character geologist Nathan Lind says: 'This is our only chance. We have to take it.'

The 44-year-old actor walks onto the ship's deck where he gets to see the giant ape, and tells someone off-screen: 'We need Kong. The world needs him to stop what's coming.'

Actress Kaylee Hottle, who plays a young girl named Jia, exits a pathway lined with lush greenery to offer what appears to be an arrowhead to a free Kong, appearing to communicate with the monster.