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Dembolsheviks deny they seized office through massive vote fraud...


First legislative initiative from Democrats, who shriek like lunatics at anyone who acknowledges they're only in office due to Massive Election Fraud s last year – is to permanently institutionalize THOSE VERY SAME METHODS of Massive Election Fraud in law – nationwide mass mail-in voting, registration over the Internet, same-day registration and voting, a ban on cleaning dead voters out of voter rolls, registration of 16-year-olds, prohibition of states demanding Social Security numbers for voter registration (which is to say, forcing them to allow illegal aliens to vote), . . .

. . . automatic registration to vote of anyone who applies for a driver's license, banning restrictions on ballot harvesting, banning voter ID requirements, allowing convicted felons including murderers and those convicted of vote fraud to vote, statehood for the District of Columbia to guarantee two more DemBolshevik Senators (which would violate the U.S. Constitution), etc. Surely these are demons in human form: