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Living Off Grid As The Collapse Of Society Approaches: "Why Aren't More People Doing This?&

• by Michael Snyd

You know what I mean – go to school, get a job, pay a mortgage, prepare for retirement, etc.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  If you truly want to unplug from the system and live your life off the grid, you can.  Of course it isn't easy, but nothing in life really worth doing ever is.

Sadly, the lives of most people are defined by the matrix that the vast majority of us are connected to on a daily basis.  In most cases, your income and status in society are defined by whatever "job" has been given to you by whichever corporation you are currently working for.  We like to call ourselves "employees", but in essence we are basically corporate servants.

Of course most people feel like they can't quit their corporate jobs because each month they have to make payments on mortgages, auto loans and credit card debts that they owe to giant corporate financial institutions.

And most people also feel the need to constantly "prepare for retirement" by pouring money into corporate securities in the rigged game that we call "the stock market".

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Comment by Trevor PresentlyInAshFork
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Why aren't more people doing this? Because it kinda sucks. , I have to break the ice on the dog's water bowl first thing in the morning. The fires must keep burning all day and all night to keep precious food stores from freezing. 3 days ago the roads became passable again after 3 feet of snow dumped on us. For 14 days we had nursed our firewood, food and propane stocks. Solar production came to a stand still. We ran out of battery power and so relied on gas and diesel gennys for basic needs. The animal tenders were slogging through snow and mud to get barn chores done. It ain't no picnic.