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Here's Why a Bicycle Might the Ultimate SHTF Transportation

• Natural News - Fabian Ommar

Mobility can vary significantly during SHTF versus normal times. But it remains equally essential to logistics and safety. We must stay mobile to restock supplies, search for help (or help others), communicate, evade threats, etc. If things haven't gone full Mad Max, you may need an alternative mode of transportation.

So what is the ultimate SHTF vehicle? You can find all sorts of fancy bug-out vehicles out there, but if you're on a budget this may not be an option. Perhaps it's time to consider the humble bicycle.

Mobility (or lack thereof) depends a lot on the scenario

War, martial law, a natural disaster: each situation calls for a strategy, considering speed, distance, mode of transportation and load/cargo capacity, and also the status of the infrastructure. Either way, we must be able to move around with the maximum safety possible. When other rules change, the rules of mobility follow suit.

Being mobile has just one meaning, but various reasons and different forms. Sometimes we must go fast. Other times going fast means drawing unwanted attention or risking an accident. There's also range and cargo capacity. There's stuff to be done nearby, and there's stuff to be done far away. Sometimes we must move around slowly and stealthily.

How SHTF affects mobility

SHTF can impact mobility in many ways. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and all the craziness that came with it, we've seen how fast things can change.

During SHTF, there is undoubtedly social chaos going on. And it is likely gridlocks, blockades, debris, and various obstacles will affect, maybe even impair, traffic and public transportation. Floods, earthquakes, and similar can wreak havoc on infrastructure too. There is also a risk of breaking curfew, experiencing conflict, and being targeted by authorities or outlaws. Crime waves are a concern too.

We must think this through and come out with flexible and reliable solutions. Those are usually the most simple ones.

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Comment by trevor
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Bicycles. Yeah, totally grab one at a garage sale. They are way more efficient than walking or running. Being simpler, they are more reliable than most other vehicles. They don't take up much space in storage. But not only is a bicycle a target for thieves, you are particularly vulnerable on one. Both your hands and both your feet are busy. Speed (escape) is your only advantage. If that doesn't work you have to stop and confront. Then you are probably losing the bicycle, yourself or both.