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GM spokesperson Kristin Zimmerman admits 95% of "clean" energy to charge electric cars

• Natural News - Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Okay, so she did try to whitewash her accidental admission by switching it to "natural gas" – which is not much different, according to the climate mafia – at the last second. Still, General Motors (GM) spokesperson Kristin Zimmerman has become something of an internet sensation for letting the cat out of the bag that "electric" cars actually run on about 95 percent coal.

During a recent unveiling of the new Chevy Volt, Zimmerman demonstrated for the media how the supposedly "green" vehicle is simply plugged into a power source for energy. And this power source, at least in Michigan, is mostly burned coal.

A man in a suit pulled out the giant plug (watch below) and waved it in front of the cameras, prompting laughter from the press, before inserting it into the Volt. A journalist then walks up to Zimmerman to ask her about the power source behind the plug.