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Huckabee Wins Kansas Caucuses

• MyWay
WASHINGTON (AP) - Mike Huckabee trounced John McCain in Kansas' caucuses Saturday, their first head-to-head contest, and told fellow conservatives he was in the Republican presidential race to stay.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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Huckabee is a two faced,two bit lier,and his supporters are Ignorant/stupid.
His supporters even think that getting rid of the 'IRS" was his stupid is that?
Huckabee,and his supporters are very scary,indeed.
It never bothered this honest Christian when Ron Paul was cheated,did it?
Cheating is cheating,but! it is not bad until he,Huckabee is cheated.Otherwise it`s ok,God told him that cheating isn`t cheating until it happens to Huckabee.It dosn`t botherethe Huck until it`s him that`s being cheated.
Now that`s really religious,isn`t it?
Stupid Huckabee supporters.