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Trump's Turn: Defense Team Takes Center Stage As Impeachment Trial Nears End

• Zero Hedge

After Democratic impeachment managers spent the last two days dissecting videos and tweets - and in one case fabricating evidence to try and convince the world that former President Trump incited the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, it's now time for the defense to counter.

In what is expected to last just one day, Trump's impeachment lawyers will reportedly present a montage of prominent Democrats similarly 'inciting' their base, as BLM and Antifa extremists spent much of last year committing violent and destructive crimes throughout the country.

If anything, it might serve as some Friday entertainment as Trump's second impeachment draws to a close. The proceedings begin at Noon, ET.

As we've noted several times, this is nothing more than political theater, as Democrats simply don't have the votes to convict the former president - which would require at least 17 Republicans to cross the aisle for a conviction. So far, they've got six.