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W.H.O. and Bloomberg Open Global Antismoking Project

• NY Times / Donald McNeil Jr.
Nicknamed Mpower and based on a partly successful program for fighting drug-resistant tuberculosis, the report suggests raising taxes, banning smoking, enforcing laws, monitoring use, warning people, and offering free help.

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Comment by Jefferson Paine
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Too smugly confident by a mile. I got through the first couple of minutes before realizing this was simply tripe. And it shows NO understanding of the Ron Paul Revolution -- only a straw man is presented. The allegedly fundamental beliefs of RP Revolutionaries are perhaps accurate for some portion, but woefully off-target for many (I'd hope most, but at least the real leaders in this grassroots movement). There has always been a multi-tiered strategy that recognized different levels of potential success by following one game plan. Election was only the top level, and this guy just didn't get that.