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'Pro-Free Speech' Parler Bans Milo Yiannopoulos for Offensive Jokes

• by Jack Hadfield

Parler came back online for many users on Monday, after being kicked off of the internet and app stores by the Big Tech giants determined to shut the site down, claiming the conservative-oriented social media platform hosted violent content, and attempted to link Parler to the Capitol Hill protests on January 6th.

Eyebrows were raised when it was discovered that their new web hosting provider, SkySilk, bans undefined "hateful content" from being hosted by them, with SkySilk "reserving the right to refuse to provide service" to customers that host "racist, pornographic, hateful material or those which create customer service or abuse issues for us."

The CEO of SkySilk, Kevin Matossian, said in a statement that they believed that Parler is "taking the necessary steps to better monitor its platform," and applauded their new Community Guidelines, which provide a "double-filter" system for not-safe-for-work and "trolling" content.