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Dept. of Defense Microwave Skinheater Weapon

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This will probably end up in the hands of law enforcement soon to be used on Americans.

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Comment by Hawkeye
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I`m not kidding myself at all.
I know without doubt that their are scores of Americans that are more than willing to cut down other Americans if told to,i.e., (Kent State).
I just want to see their faces.I want their Mother,love ones,and neighbors,to see how their wonderful son,or,daughter has turned out.
"The man behind the curtain is Mean".
I want to see who`s behind that curtain.

Comment by Fascist Nation
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Don't kid yourself. There would be no shortage of volunteers. I still remember the cop I was talking to who couldn't wait to use the new rubber bullets he had been issued on protesters. He told me he would aim for their heads [despite the fact that this is against both manufacturer and department policy]. You didn't think those head wounds and neurological damage and deaths to protesters from rubber bullets in the past were a simple regratable accident do you?

Comment by Hawkeye
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I want the driver,the operator,the person that will turn this machine on Americans to stand up and be counted.
You must show your faces to the American people.
Not you commander,not your mother,but! YOU.
Let us see who you are.
Let your family,if you have one,watch their son or daughter turn this machine of Americans...come on,show you faces.

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