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Utility Solar Trailer Part 2: Responding to viewer comments

• DYI Solar Power with Will Prowse

Also, paralleling inverters refers to the battery connection. Not the AC inverters output! I just had a comment on this video thinking that I was referring to the AC output. I actually covered this when we were programming a previous split phase inverter, and yes, when the batteries are in parallel and communicating the two hot leads are out of phase by 180°. They have separate outputs. This is why they require communication. The parallel connection refers to the DC bus connection. Nothing else.

What I did get wrong was the working voltage of my array. I'm adding the third 200 watt panel right now. I chose these panels because together they output 89 volts. But I need a little bit more to charge in the mornings and afternoon. So I'm adding a third panel to boost that voltage up.