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Guantanamo Bay's 'most tortured prisoner' spills all on violent 14 years behind bars

•, BySophie Bateman

A man believed to be Guantanamo Bay's "most tortured prisoner" has spoken out about the 14 years of horrific abuse he suffered within its walls. Mohamedou Ould Slahi spent a decade and a half in the world's most notorious detention centre, shackled in a 6ft by 8ft cell when he wasn't being subjected to elaborate methods of physical and mental punishment.

That's despite the fact he was never charged with a crime.

As a young man he moved from Mauritania to study in Germany, where he fell in with a group of Muslims who convinced him to join the mujahidin fighting in Afghanistan.

He lasted only two months before going back to Germany to finish his degree, but over the years maintained unwitting connections with jihadists including his cousin who was Osama bin Laden's spiritual adviser.

After the September 11 attacks in 2001, Mr Sahil was living in Mauritania when he received a summons from the nation's spy chief, and was flown to Jordan where he was kept in a secret prison for six months.