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Mississippians go wild on first weekend with no COVID restrictions, spring breakers--


The mask mandate was lifted on March 3, making March 5 the first real night of parties in Mississippi

People were seen going to parties, eating inside restaurants, shopping without masks, and gathering

Mississippi is the only state to see a spike in coronavirus cases during the week of February 23 

Masks were also abandoned in Florida during the first weekend of Spring Break

Bikini-clad college students crammed into bars and into beaches in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

In Idaho, angered residents burned masks in a demonstration outside the statehouse on Saturday 

It comes after President Joe Biden slammed 'neaderthal thinking' as states began to reopen 

Gov. Gianforte of Montana joined a growing list of politicians calling Joe Biden out for his 'Neanderthal' jab

Montana has seen over 100,000 COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic, but just 143 new ones Friday