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Putin & Assad's Revenge: Ballistic Missiles Pummel "Stolen" Syrian Oil Convoy & Refine

•, by Tyler Durden

Initially there was confusion as to who was behind the devastating attack which obliterated multiple dozens of oil tanker trucks.

Stunning video of massive fireballs near the towns of al-Bab and Jarablus, close to the Turkish border, circulated widely on social media with contradictory accounts of just who launched the attack. However, sources seem to be in agreement that the initial explosions were so large it had to be the result of ballistic missile strikes.

The fall of 3 unidentified missiles on the Al-Hamran crossing, southwest of #Jarablus, causing huge explosions and burning fuel vehicles at the targeted place.#syria #Aleppo

— Mohamad Rasheed ???? ???? (@mohmad_rasheed) March 5, 2021

This led to accusations that either the Russian military or the Syrian government was behind it in retaliation to halt convoys of "stolen oil" taken from Syrian national territory.

Damascus and Russia have long condemned a Turkish "land grab" along the northern border, as well as US occupation of the country's oil and gas rich northeast Deir Ezzor and al-Hasakah regions.