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COVID Propaganda Roundup: Vitamin D Doesn't Support the Immune System?

• By Ben Bartee

New York Mayor Issues Double-Mask Decree Under Color of Law

On Feb. 22, New York mayor Bill de Blasio issued a new decree via the corporate media to New York Residents:

"Through June, keep doing exactly what you are doing… Not just wear a mask, wear two. Social distancing, get tested monthly. If you do have a case in your home, have the person safely separate."

Current authoritarian leadership in the vein of Bill de Blasio, under direction of the CDC, cites research that has "suggested that when a person 'double masks' — wearing a polypropylene surgical mask with a cloth mask on top — and the people around them did the same, the risk of transmitting the virus falls more than 95%."

Not breathing, ABC News will be reporting next month at this rate, cuts the risk of transmission by 100%.