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Richard Pan says Americans who refuse experimental coronavirus gene therapy injections--

• by Ethan Huff

Big Pharma hack who singlehandedly removed both religious and medical exemptions from vaccination in California, Pan believes that anti-vaccine "extremism" is a threat to the republic, requiring even more authoritarianism from the government.

We will not link to WaPo directly so as not to support the fake news rag, but Pan wrote in it that "steps" need to be taken to "limit" the "impact" of vaccine resistance among the populace. Experimental Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) gene therapy injections, which the medical establishment is calling "vaccines," need to get "into people's arms," Pan says, and those who oppose them are getting in the way of this agenda.

"This campaign to deny potentially lifesaving vaccines to those seeking them, and to poison public opinion against vaccinations, could result in countless American deaths," Pan fear-mongers in his article. "This is akin to domestic terrorism."