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To Vote or Not to Vote?

•, By eric

Does your vote matter? And – more fundamentally – is it wrong to vote at all if all you want is for your rights as well as the rights of other people to be respected?

The brilliantly funny and also just brilliant comic-philosopher George Carlin argued that voting is not only futile, it perpetuates the fiction that you have a choice and – worse –  that the things done to you and to others are hey-presto! legitimized because you and others voted for them, creating a feedback loop that makes it improbable if not impossible that anyone's rights will ever be respected.

This will sound strange, perhaps, but I agree with Carlin  . . . and I vote.

I'll try to explain.

I would prefer to never have to vote. The italics being important. To never have to attempt to protect my rights and defend my property in this manner. I certainly would never vote for abusing the rights or taking the property of anyone else.