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The Hustle Hearings Will Now Come to Order

• ESPN / Patrick Hruby
Steroids. Dogfighting. Spygate. All well and good. But what if the federal government decided to investigate something sports fans actually cared about?

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Comment by hatchcar
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I saw a clip of the monkey trail of Roger Clemens on the tube today. I saw that phone Henry Waxman, chairing the committee.
This is the same man who promised to have hearing on the Sibel Edmonds case,and even with the news stories that the Times of London has printed in the past few weeks, and nothing about any hearings on her accusations of treasonous activities with the neo-cons.
With all of the abuses that this adminstration has participated in these past 7 years, and having Roger Clemens testify on his "steriod" use is more important than passing nuke secrets to Pakistan, etc.
Mr. Waxman would do this country a huge favor and resigning his seat. What a disgrace.