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Future Happening Now – Trillions in Flying Cars, Quantum Computers, EVs

•, by Brian Wang

There are things like quantum computers and flying cars.

Thirteen years ago in 2008, Nextbigfuture discussed a radically transformation of the world with future technology that was not molecular nanotechnology or artificial general intelligence.

Radical life extension
Open Access to space
Pollution elimination
Computer Advancement
Energy Efficiency and Pollution Elimination
Improve medicine and public health and Synthetic biology and recombineering
Flying Cars
Electric and Self Driving Vehicles

They have either become huge industries or valuations from nothing 13 years ago or have grown over ten times.

I revisited and updated the Mundane Singularity tehcnology list several times. Notably in 2011, 2015 and 2017.

Energy Efficiency and Pollution Elimination

Those were two items on the list. Trillions have gone into wind, solar, new ultra high voltage grids and utility-scale batteries.

Solar panel production was 6 Gigawatts in 2008 and will be 200-300 Gigawatts in 2021.

New Solar Gigafactories will increase total global PV (photovoltaics) to 300GW. Using actual capacity expansion data, PV Tech's analysis indicates only 200GW of installations in 2021 will offset a period of overcapacity. Hundreds of billions are going into the building and expansion of solar panel factories.