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Eco-Floating Hotel puts ambitious spin on sustainable design

•, By Adam Williams

Named the Eco-Floating Hotel, the project would rotate in place like a revolving restaurant and boast wind, solar, and tidal sustainability features.The Eco-Floating Hotel is designed by Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio (HAADS) and would measure 35,000 sq m (376,000 sq ft), with a total of 152 rooms. It takes the form of a big glass doughnut with greenery integrated into its exterior and also resembles Moshe Safdie's indoor waterfall with its huge vortex-like glass roof.

The hotel would be situated just off the shore and supported on a series of floating platforms. The rotation action would move very slowly so as to not make guests dizzy and would take 24 hours to complete a revolution. This movement would be controlled by a dynamic positioning system, as used to help keep ships on the correct course, and would consist of a series of thrusters and propellers.

Access to the hotel itself would be gained by a pier connected to the shore, or by helicopter or boat.